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FAQ Document Generation for Mendix

  • Where can I download the Document Generation for Mendix?
    You can download the module in the Mendix Marketplace.
  • Where can I find the release notes?
    You can download the release notes in the Mendix Marketplace.
  • Is there an installation video?
    Yes there is, watch it here.
  • Do I need to use the TableStart: Container and TableEnd:Container when I use SimpleMerge? 
    When using SimpleMerge, you don’t need to use the TableStart:Container and TableEnd:Container.  
  • Is it possible to show all the data in a list on the output document with SimpleMerge? 
    Yes, but you will have to manually configure the exact amount of merge fields as the amount of records in the list. We recommend using AdvancedMerge, as you can work with tables and rows. 
  • Can I use any Word template with DocumentGenerationForMendix ? 
    Yes, but make sure the merge fields in the Word template correspond with the fields in your TemplateType. 
  • How do I delete the Aspose watermark? 
    With an active license the watermark will disappear. Please contact info@appronto.nl for a license. 
  • Which java action should be used when data is needed from different entities? 
    This depends on the preferred outcome. If the output only needs to display single records, SimpleMerge will do the job. If the output should display all records from a list, then the AdvancedMerge should be used. 
  • When a mergefield is empty, the line in the document is still visible. Is it possible to not show it when empty? 
    The IF ELSE statement can determine whether a mergefield is shown and can also determine if a line needs to be added. See also If Else Mergefield
  • Can I use the API key which I generated in Sprintr for DocumentGenerationForMendix  MS Word addon? 
    No, follow the steps described in Setting up the MS Word template using the Document Generator 4 Mendix MS Word addon to generate a API key. 
  • Can I implement footnotes in my template?
    Yes, here you can find the description of how to set up your template for footnotes.
  • How to use conditional formatting in Word?
    Conditional formatting is possible by using IF-constructions for Merge fields in Word. Learn how.
  • Can I implement charts in my document?
    Yes, here you can find how.
  • How do I embed my fonts in my template?
    If you have a custom or special font please follow these instructions to embed these in your template.