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How to install a license to your Appronto module(s)

The process contains two main steps:

  1. Customer provides Appronto the Mendix (cloud) URLs of each environment of the application
  2. Appronto returns a license code for each environment.

To get through this process the following steps are needed:

  1. Send us an e-mail to support@appronto.nl with your environment URL’s (test, acceptance, production)
    eg: https://yourenv-accp.mendixcloud.com
  2. Appronto will send you the license codes back.
  3. Add the license code into the LicenseToken environment constant, which is within the module.
  4. Make sure the ActivateProduct microflow is added to the After startup microflow, this is also described in the installation instructions of the module.


Appronto provides Support on the modules via our Support portal (https://support.appronto.nl). Your technical contact will be activated and receive an invite for our portal.